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Goat skin

Nylon strings

Master crafted

Instrument created

Unique from all the rest

In the hands of its creator

It has a soft voice all its own

That warms the heart and soothes the soul

A handcrafted Banjo named “Mary”


Buy a Musical Instrument Day 

This poem is dedicated to a hand-crafted Banjo named “Mary” that was created by “Doc” Huff.

On thisBuy a Musical Instrument DayI would like to pay tribute to a very talented man and his family who hand crafts Banjos. “Doc” Huff of Doc’s Banjos in Dallas, OR creates unique Banjos from scratch using wood from the trees on his property. Doc builds these beautiful musical instruments by hand in his small log cabin workshop ( which he also built). Doc designs and cuts the wood, dyes the skins and adds special strings to create a one of a kind Banjo that is not only beautiful to look at but also beautiful to listen to. Doc’s wife Florisell and his three children also help with the crafting business and his daughter evens chooses a name for each Banjo created. 

If you are looking to purchase a Banjo or are just interested in Banjo making I invite you to visit Doc’s Banjos online or in person. It will be an experience you will surely enjoy. 

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“When Dreams Become Reality”

Ekphrastic poem about a drawing of a mixtape cover
Original Poetry by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015
Original Artwork by Victoria Noelle Marcin ©2014
When Dreams Become Reality Mixtape by MARCIN ©2014

An EKPHRASTIC is a poem that tells about a painting or photograph so as to describe it visually–no particular form.
I wrote this poem to describe my grand-son’s first mixtape cover which was drawn by my grand-daughter.
MARCIN is an Underground Unsigned Rapper & Engineer Creator & Owner Of The Fvck Muzic Records

Established In Portland, Oregon
Visit his website Marcin Muzic or listen “When Dreams Become Reality” Mixtape free on Soundcloud.