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Un-Happy Feet

Clerihew poem about un-happy feet
Original Poetry by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015
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The Spare Room

It’s some better today.
The pain in my heart has not gone way,
but the initial reaction to it all
has fallen away like a leaf in the fall.

All that lies now within my sight,
is a room that is empty,
but cheery and bright.
Void of his things, it sits there,
clean, and willing to be called “spare”.
This room that held him and all he held dear,
is with me still, though he is not near.

It helps that it has a different look,
for when I pass by I don’t see his favorite nook.
New pillows and coverlet are now upon the bed,
and the walls hold my pictures instead.
Traces of him are no longer found in there,
were it not so, it would be too much to bear.

I pray that someday, he will find his way,
and God will show him what to do and say,
To accomplish the purpose that God created him for,
Then the spare room will rejoice, and might hold him once more.

Leona J. Atkinson  Posted 11-16-13 (Originally written May 27, 2011)



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NaPoWriMo 2013, #25–Ballad of If’s

If I had the power dreams to fulfill,
Yours I would instill,
If I only could, I surely would.

If I knew the way to ease your pain,
Hurting, you would never feel again,
If I only could, I surely would.

Your sorrow I would banish,
Your dreams would never vanish,
If I only could, I surely would.

I’d bring you hope for the morrow,
and joy for your sorrow,
If I only could, I surely would.

Leona J. Atkinson
Ballad Poem