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The Seasons Play

Haiku--about the seasons
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015
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Upon thinking about this week’s Haiku Horizon Challenge–Week 49–Prompt: Play , the weather inspired me to write this Haiku as it seems Spring is playing around with Winter here in our part of the country. The last few days we have had unseasonably warm weather in Portland, Oregon. The temps have been in the mid sixties and the air has had a springtime feel to it. The higher elevations are receiving even warmer weather!  The temps have been 68-70 degrees near Mt. Hood!  We know it’s too early for Winter to leave us but it seems Spring is trying to come back early!  I am definitely not complaining! 🙂

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It’s National Opposites Day!

Shall I say goodbye when I mean hello?
And should I stay when I really want to go?
On this day of opposites,
Does anyone know what really fits?
If I say what I mean,
Will I mean what I say?
Oh Lord help me make it through this crazy day!
Perhaps it would be better to stay in bed,
And just skip this day instead,
But if sunrise is sunset, it’s over before it begins,
So I shall just play along ’til it ends!

Silly Rhyme
Leona J. Atkinson  01-25-14

National Opposites Day–January 25th

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My Hands

My Hands

I am thankful for my hands.
They do so much for me each day.
They are my handy helpers,
While at work or at play.
I often don’t give them notice,
Or the credit they are due.
But they shouldn’t be taken for granted,
For its amazing to think of all they do!
So today I wrote a list,
Of how their day was spent.
From the time I rose up,
Until to bed I went.
I was pretty humbled,
To see all they did for me.
In the time frame of a day,
So much activity!
So I want to give them thanks,
And appreciation for each task.
They should never be taken for granted,
These hands who perform without bring asked !


Leona J. Atkinson  08-27-13

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Daily Prayer

This daily prayer I do say.
Lord, in heaven on high,
Lead and guide me to Your way.

Lord, protect me I pray.
From all evil that might come nigh.
This daily prayer I do say,

Whether I be at work or play,
I ask that You, my needs supply.
Lead and guide me to Your way.

Teach me what I should say.
Show me Your word to apply.
This daily prayer I do say.

Lord, help me make it through this day.
If my plans go awry,
Lead and guide me to Your way.

Help me, my words to weigh,
That You I might glorify.
This daily prayer I do say,
Lead and guide me to Your way.


(This is my first attempt at writing a Villanelle.  It was very challenging.)
Leona J. Atkinson  07-21-13