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Nonet poem about Writer's Block

This poem was inspired after reading “Birth of a Poem: Apology”¬† on Greg Wolford’s site. Thanks Greg! ūüôā

Posted in Cinquain, March 2014

Sleep Writing

In sleep
My mind writes verse
I wish I could capture
Such beautiful poetic lines

Leona J. Atkinson. 03-25-14

Tonight I fell asleep before writing my poem to post. I kept dreaming of poems and writing some in my sleep. Yet, when I woke up I could not remember any of them. I wish I could have,  as in my dreams they seemed to be very good. Thus, the reason I wrote this poem.



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Original Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson

And Adventure
Sit upon my shelves
Pages of words waiting to be read
By me
Each day
Stories and poems enrich my days
Emotionally filling
My heart and soul
With joy

Mirror Cinquain
Leona J. Atkinson  02-26-14


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Original Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson

Writing poems makes each day different
Often they bring bewilderment
Or joy to a humdrum day
Their creation is my pay
As thoughts take on form
Not always norm
They excite

Leona J. Atkinson  02-19-14

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Appearing out of nowhere,
These old enemies of mine,
Cause me to falter
As I begin to write each line.

Self Doubt, Intimidation, Fear,
All make their appearance.
They cause my mind to wander,
With their sudden interference.

Yet somewhere within me,
Another appearance is made.
Confidence and Determination enter,
And cause those enemies to fade.

Once again I begin to write,
And the challenge I do undertake.
It appears my poems will be written,
And perhaps a chapbook I will make!

Leona J. Atkinson  12-05-13

Posted in Epulaeryu, October 2013

Fall Friendship Treat

In an attractive cloth bag
Freshly picked apples
A fall culinary treat
A gift from a friend
Sharing her bounty
Apple pie

Leona J. Atkinson  10-09-13

(This is my first attempt at writing a Epulaeryu.  It was a fun challenge!
I want to thank Daisy Mariposa for her excellent Hub on Poetry Forms
for that is where I first learned of this Epulaeryu poetry style.
And, of course, my friend Bonnie, for the lovely apples which inspired me to write this!)


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NaPoWriMo 2013, #20–Counting Down

Twenty days have come and gone,
Only Ten more to go,
A challenge it was and still is,
Of Thirty poems to bestow.

I’ve enjoyed what’s come to mind,
Each day as the words form,
is something new to me,
As impromptu is not my norm.

My hope is that I can finish,
And accomplish well this task,
Of Thirty poems in thirty days,
Then in my accolades I will bask .

Leona J Atkinson