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Leaves at Play


Fall games


Races red

Wind quits

No winners

Syllabic Verse

It was a fairly windy warm Fall day today and I enjoyed being outside just watching the wind blowing the leaves around. I missed out on getting a video of a group of leaves dancing as I didn’t have my camera ready in time but it was awesome to see them swirl and twirl together in sort of a whirlwind burst of air.

But I did capture another video of them looking like they were racing each other as a big gust of wind blew them along. Fun day! 😊

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A Word

A word came into my life today,
and it was totally brand new.
It caused me to stop and think
of what I was about to do.

It made me realize
that words can change a life,
Their entrance can bring about
the beginning or ending to strife.

Spoken in just a moment,
at the proper time and place,
a word can make a difference
of winning or losing a race.

For good words are treasures,
golden nuggets received along the way
hold them close ,dearly,
for they can truly make your day.

And then, when the time is right,
choose to let those good words go,
and right into the life of another
some goodness you will sow.

Leona J. Atkinson 11-08-13