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Why Do Lions Roar?

Why Do Lions Roar?  Graphic of a lion roaring--Cinquain poem
Lion graphic from

Why do lions roar?

They roar to communicate with each other and they roar to proclaim where their territory is, they do this every evening.
Roaring is also one of their strategies for catching prey – they creep up on the prey and when they are close enough,
they will let out a roar that confuses that animal(s) and strikes fear into the lion’s prey.
The prey then cannot “think” or react correctly out of fear and so is trapped and caught by the lion.–Wiki Answers

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Creation reveals the Creator

Vic_Viv_LincolnCity_073113I gaze upon the ocean with her mighty roar,
while above me the eagle does soar. 

A crab, which is a work of Your
Own Hands,
is displayed for me upon the sands, 

as I walk and think and pray,
I give You thanks for every day. 

Thanks for the sun that shines and the moon’s fair light, 
the trees that shade and the stars at night. 
You made it all and called it good,
in six short days, as only You could. 

As I look around me and bless Your name,
I must remember Your greatest acclaim, 

the image of Yourself, created in others and me, 
people, reflecting Your beauty for all to see.  

 Rhyme   Leona J. Atkinson  11-05-13