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His Countenance

Matthew 17:3 scripture, white light image

Blinding white

Like Lightening



His transfigured presence

Shone white as snow


(Based on scriptures: Matthew 17:2 and 28:3, Mark 9:3, Luke 9:29)

#MayFalls19 Poetry Challenge Prompt: blinding white

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Forwards or Backwards

Go snow

Either way you say it

The meaning is the same

We dont want you around here

Snow go


A friend of mine used to say”There’s a lot of truth in jesting” and in this case it’s true. The poem may sound humorous but it’s meaning is real 😊 Snow be Gone!

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Truth or Fiction?

Pictures of Sunset and Clouds in Oregon
Actual Pictures of Sunset and Clouds taken in Oregon

Things are not always as they seem.

What we see may not be what is.

Sometimes eyes play tricks,

And our mind does also.

We need to ask ourself,

Is reality

Truly what

My eyes do



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Inkling of Sprinkling

Red Rose in snow

Winter’s Breakfast Treat

Nighttime dusting of snow

Powdered Sugar


Winter just keeps showing up overnight and leaves us with traces of snow to wake up to. Poor blooming plants are not appreciating the nighttime visits. Thankfully it melts quickly at morning light.

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Winter Surprise

Daffodils in Snow

Spring hopes vanish

Morning snowflakes falling

Daffodils snow dance


Haiku Horizons Weekly Challenge Week#208 Prompt: Vanish

Our Pacific Northwest has been enjoying an unseasonably mild February this year causing flowers to bloom early and folks to feel as though Spring has come. However this morning Winter decided to let us all know that it was still hanging around by sending us a flurry of big heavy wet snowflakes. causing our lovely early bloomers to get covered in white. Thankfully the snow didn’t last long and the sun came out to melt it all away.