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Modern Slavery

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Know no freedom

Mired in slavery

They pray and hope for a victor

To come


Modern slavery exists today in many places worldwide. Be it sexual exploitation, forced marriage, or forced labor, many women, men and children are victims.

You can help set them free by spreading awareness, making a donation to help one of the many organizations in their fight to stop this, or simply just pray that those who can help or intervene will do so.

I have teamed up with this month as a Advocate to spread awareness and raise funds. If you’d like to donate to my team’s campaign “Help Stop the Chains of Abuse” I would very much appreciate your support.

Handmade Origami Dress Ornaments I will be giving a free handmade Origami Dress Ornament to anyone who makes a donation of $5.00 or more by December 15th.

Click this link to donate securely to my team at: Dressember 2019

Thank you.


Posted in Rhyme, September 2013


Victim VictorThere are two choices—which will you choose?
Your choice makes a difference—either you win or you lose.

In these two words—you make a choice to be,
Bound by one or by one set free.

Victim or Victor–which one are you?
The difference is in letters of two

A mentality of ” I’m” A mentality of “Or”
What do you say is at your core?

Are you a Victim or Victor? The choice is yours today
What will you think—What will you say?

Leona J. Atkinson  09-24-13