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The April Days Speak

Goldfinches in a golden tree

The days

Ramble on




Until a





And a


Of joy


The days



With hope


New life

Will soon


Syllabic Verse

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The Bench

I sit here and wait to see

Who will visit me

Maybe a bee

Or leaf fallen from a tree

There is a possiblity

It may be a dignitary

On this bright Spring day

Or a tired child at play

Come what may

Night or day

All are welcome 

Not just some

So whether King or Bum

I don’t care where you’re from

If you’re passing by

Please sit and say “Hi”

Skeltonic Verse

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The Seasons Play

Haiku--about the seasons
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015
(graphics added from

Upon thinking about this week’s Haiku Horizon Challenge–Week 49–Prompt: Play , the weather inspired me to write this Haiku as it seems Spring is playing around with Winter here in our part of the country. The last few days we have had unseasonably warm weather in Portland, Oregon. The temps have been in the mid sixties and the air has had a springtime feel to it. The higher elevations are receiving even warmer weather!  The temps have been 68-70 degrees near Mt. Hood!  We know it’s too early for Winter to leave us but it seems Spring is trying to come back early!  I am definitely not complaining! 🙂

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Unwelcome Visitor

Sitting on my deck
Enjoying the view,
of clouds so white and fluffy
 and skies of brilliant blue.
Things seem so peaceful,
As far as eye can see,
Until a little spider,
Decides to visit me!

Leona J. Atkinson

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June’s Invitation

June’s fourth is calling me to “Come!
Visit before this day is done,
See the beauty created for you,
Smell the flowers, enjoy the sun.”

Yet, indoor tasks are pressing me
To focus on the mundane.
What shall I do? A choice is due,
For this June day will not come again.

Leona J. Atkinson