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Seeds of Hope

Dandelion puffs floating

Floating in the wind

Wish carriers

Carrying someone’s dream

Syllable Lune

Sitting outside, lately I have noticed many white puff balls floating by, some even landing on me or close enough to catch.

They always remind me of my childhood times of picking dandelion puffs and blowing wishes in the wind.

Why Do People Wish on Dandelions? | Wonderopolis

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Never Give up

Large rock, dandelions

Are you

Facing a rock

Being seen as unwanted

Seeing your chance for wishes

Cut down


They had the opportunity to

Become airbourne

Never give up

Stand firm

Dig in

Let your faith grow

Deep, be tenacious, for

Someday, someone will stop


And see

Your beauty and your true worth

For we all have a purpose

That’s waiting to be


Double Butterfly Cinquain

Today as I was out walking I stopped near this big rock where I saw two dandelions blooming and one that had gone to seed lying down on the ground as if crushed, probably by the landscapers mower hitting it.

It intrigued me enough to snap a picture and also was inspiration for this poem.

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Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Cookies and Presents

Holiday tasks done

Nightfall will bring rest

To this weary head

Nothin left to do

But say “Merriest

Christmas” to all of you!

Syllabic Verse

Wishing all of my family, followers and friends Happy Holidays! I appreciate all of your visits, reads, likes and comments.

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What If?

What if your dream came true today?
Would you enjoy it, or look for another to come your way?

What if all your cares were taken away?
Would you truly be able to enjoy the day?

What if a miracle was granted to you?
Would you give thanks to whom it was due?

What if all your wishes came true ?
Would you be happy or seek more for you?

What if, after change came, you did concur,
that things were better the way they were?

Leona J. Atkinson  11-15-13

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The Sacrifice

It’s done. It’s  over,
The locks lay in piles on the floor.
The curls of contention,
Are no more.

Pushed to the breaking point,
He gave in.
He gave up the hair he loved,
And the dream he held within.

To conform to others wishes,
He put his feelings aside.
He became their new person,
While his real identity died.

Leona J. Atkinson   09-15-13
Dedicated to my grandson Dylan