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Pen, blank notepad
Wonder if your pen could change a life?

Wonder if you used it to:

Stand up for a worthy cause,

Scribe encouraging words,

Sign to Volunteer,

Endorse a check,

Craft a poem,





Posted in Cinquain, March 2014

Sleep Writing

In sleep
My mind writes verse
I wish I could capture
Such beautiful poetic lines

Leona J. Atkinson. 03-25-14

Tonight I fell asleep before writing my poem to post. I kept dreaming of poems and writing some in my sleep. Yet, when I woke up I could not remember any of them. I wish I could have,  as in my dreams they seemed to be very good. Thus, the reason I wrote this poem.



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Leona J. Atkinson
Writes poetry for fun
Her great accomplishment has been
Learning to speak through a pen

Clerihew poem

Leona J. Atkinson  07-10-13

This poem was written in honor of NATIONAL CLERIHEW DAY which is celebrated on July 10 of each year.
The Clerihew poem was invented by Edmund Clerihew Bently, (1875-1956). 
A Clerihew is a whimsical, four-line biographical poem, in an aabb form.