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Haiku about "Tree Church"

Original Poetry by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015
image credit: Tree Church:

Are you looking for a church that’s alive?  Well, if you visit New Zealand you will literally find a real living breathing church!  “Tree Church” is a church built of actual living trees! 
Click on the Links below to Read about it and/or View the Slideshow of pictures

Yahoo News Article: “This Man ‘Grew’ a Church From Living Trees”

Tree Church website


Ashland, Oregon--Bridge and Lithia Park--Shadorma poem

Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015

On a recent road trip to Ashland, OR. my daughter and I visited Lithia Park, which is a beautiful 93 acre park in the city.  In one part of it was a charming bridge, babbling brook and children’s playground.  It was 107 degrees that day!  The water near the bridge was shallow and perfect for wading, so off came our shoes and wading we went!  Such fun and so refreshing!
It was at that point we noticed the name on the bridge was “Atkinson Memorial Bridge 1912″. 
The bridge was built as a memorial to William Atkinson who was a prominent person in the founding of the town.
Surprise!  Perhaps he is one of our ancestors! :)

Leap Second

Leap Second--Tanka poem

Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015
(graphic from

At the end of the day on June 30th one additional second was added to our time.
“Rare Leap Second Makes June 30th Longest Day of the Year”
When I heard about that I didn’t give it much thought, until I read this article:
“The Top Ten Incredible Things That Happen Every Second”
I thought #5-#3 and #1 were pretty amazing!

Thorn in the Flesh

Thorn in the Flesh--Haiku Cascade poem--picture of rose bush

Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015

Haiku Horizons Weekly Challenge: Week #71 Prompt: Thorn