Posted in December 2016, Shadorma

Fall Blizzard

Winter snowstorm Portland, OR image from Fox12  News
Weather frightful

Not a pretty sight

Snow falling 


People trapped in traffic

And kids stuck at school


Winter has returned with a vengeance here in the Pacific Northwest. Very unusual weather for us in the Willamette Valley. 

Fox12 News Reports with pictures



A born and raised Midwesterner who traveled to Oregon in 2006 via the Oregon Trail route, fell in love with Oregon and now calls it home. I am retired and pursuing my life long dream of becoming a Freelance Inspirational Writer.

13 thoughts on “Fall Blizzard

      1. So treacherous–makes me very anxious, even to look at the photo. So grateful we don’t have that here…and even more grateful I don’t have to travel the roads. While I’m praying for you this evening, could you send up a fervent one for me? I have an important phone call coming in the morning…legal matter re my housing situation. Thanks, sister ❤

      2. Waiting for a 2nd call–the person is sympathetic, but doesn’t think there’s any help; she’ll be calling back this afternoon– Did I tell you the Lord gave me the Prov 29:26 promise, that it’s the Lord who gives us justice? I’m hanging my hat on that 🙂

      3. Truly He is, Leona–I have experienced it also…I now know what it means to be “in love with Jesus”; so although my circumstances are not great, to have Him is everything to me ❤ I think I'm in a season of accepting how fallen and wacky and unfair the world is–yet beginning to perhaps live above that fact, and abide more fully in Him. It's a new faith adventure, and although I've had no sleep for 2 days, I feel excited 🙂

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