Posted in March 2017, Word Lune

Another Sunset

As night descends

Pushing the sun to earth

Clouds swirl about
Like restless children 

Being told “time for bed”

Light grows dim
Trees stand silent

Like sentinels on their watch

Darkness overtakes Day

Word Lune Cascade

Posted in March 2017, Rubaiyat

In a Lonely Place?

Driftwood on sand
Looking for a helping hand?

Drifted upon sinking sand?

God does see that place you’re in,

He’ll strenghten you so you can stand.
Just reach out, take His hand,

He’ll lead you from sinking sand,

To a place far from chagrin,

Life with Him can be grand!
So if life’s not all you planned,

Dead like driftwood on sand,

Look up, invite God in,

And let Him be your helping hand.