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Day Brightener


Standing alone

Making a difference

Just doing what it was meant to do

Bring joy


Posted in August 2016, Shadorma

Hidden Rainbow

deer statues, rainbow
Unbeknownst to me

A revelation

Was given

Quite amazingly

I captured a rainbow

That i never saw


When I took this picture the sun was shining very brightly, so brightly in fact that I was barely able to see the statues I was trying to photograph. It had not rained, so I was surprised to see what looked like a rainbow to me in the photo. Apparently, it is a Halo or Arc that somehow formed. (Someone who knows more about weather and amosphere than I do would probably be able to explain it) 

But, it was a nice surprise, even though I would have liked to get a better picture of the statues which were a male and female deer with a fawn. Maybe another day….😊

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yellow flowers blooming in rocks
Not just surviving

But blooming, in life’s hard places.

Are you up for it?

Seeing this little bunch of yellow flowers blooming brightly in a crack my daughter’s concrete driveway yesterday prompted this poem.

Previously, I had seen a few of these spritely yellow bursts of color in the green grass of her yard, however today, I happened to notice this little lone trio growing right in the paths of where cars come and go!

I marveled!

Surely at some point they had been run over or knocked down by a car tire, yet here they were standing tall in bloom!

Unlike their relatives in the grass who had been fortunate to receive refreshing drinks and showers from the garden water sprinkler, they had grown up among rocks, dry dirt, and concrete. Yet, they bloomed, and just as brightly.

Facing each new day

With an inner fortitude

To overcome and bloom!
Such a great lesson for us all.

As we face the hard times in life, let’s determine to not just survive them, but to show forth a positive attitude of achievement and success, so others will notice and be encouraged to do the same thru life’s challenges.

Anyone can quit

It’s not hard to just give up

Are you just “Anyone”?

Why should you be a statis quo?

When you can succeed and grow!