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Morning Visitor

Hummingbird, flowers
Hummingbird among flowers drawing by ©️LeonasDesigns 2019

Faint fluttering flicker

Among springtime’s treasures

Seeking sustenance

Among garden beauties

Aroused from winter’s sleep


#NaPoWriMo 2019–Day 29-Off Prompt

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A List Of Things

Clipboard with list


Things lost

Things broken

Things we’ve found

Things of beauty

Things chosen in haste

Things we’ll treasure forever

Things we let go to slip away

Things broken by their use or misuse

Things left behind, forgotten, unwanted

Things dreamed about yet never received

Things dreamed about that we’ve achieved

Things we never wanted but got

Things that rose up like weeds

Things we kept to appease others

Things we threw away

Things we’ve loved

Things we miss

Things lost


Etheree/Reverse Etheree

#NaPoWriMo—Day 9–Prompt: write a list of things