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COOKIES Acrostic


Chocolate and Chocolate Chips

Or Snoballs, Spritz and Shortbread Dips

Oreo’s Original and Oatmeal

Krispies, Macaroon or Pinwheel

Iced Sugar, Filled or Plain

Elephant Ear or sweet Candy Cane

Sandwich, Bars, Cut-Outs or Drops


Happy National Cookie Day! Hope it was yummy for you!

I baked some Sour Cream Sugar Cookies today and was planning to head to Subway to get my free cookie there but never made it.

Just as well, I didn’t need another cookie anyhow. Mine were enough! 😊

Here’s the recipe if any of you might want it.

Cake Mix Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

A-Z List Of Cookie Types

Where to Get Free Cookies on National Cookie Day

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Sweet Summer

Sweet Summer-Senryu poem about Cotton Candy
Original Photographs and Poetry by Leona J. Atkinson ©2014

Wrote this after purchasing a package of Betty Crocker Cotton Candy Cookie Mix and Betty Crocker Cotton Candy Frosting. 
Cookies look, taste and smell just like cotton candy!  They reminded me of visits to the fair in the summer where we would always get cotton candy.