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Blank page


I tried

To no avail

I thought and pondered

And racked my brain

Even searched and researched

Yet nothing came to mind

Inspiration hid from my brain

Ideas could not be found anywhere

So I sit here with blank mind and blank paper


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Poetic Paradise

Poetic Paradise, sleeping, dreaming


You ever

Wonder how

Poets find sleep?

Or what they might think

In those dark night watches?

As they contemplate slumber?

Are their mind’s in calm repose?

How do they enter into somnolence?

Poets count syllables instead of sheep!


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Unworn Armor

We smiled, chittering and chattering

As daylight filled with bright sunshine

Spilled upon us walking sprightly.

In the distance a lion roared

But the sound did not reach

Our quiescent ears

Dulled by sleep.

Our guard down,

The lion



Off guard

We scramble

To stand and fight

The enemy attack.

Unprepared for battle,

Head and heart vulnerable

To fleshly fear and worldly anger,

We attempt to vanquish our beastly foe

Unprotected. We cry out for God to help us!

Reverse Etheree and Etheree

Based on 1Peter 5:8 and Ephesians 6:10-18

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Hibernation Thoughts

Sky sunset, dark clouds



Like a river


Days swiftly flowing

Into cold, damp, dark nights

Causing man and beast a chill

As they wish for the breath of Spring

To blow across the land once again

Bringing with it longer days and new life.


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Childhood Christmas Memories

 Childhood Memories



Popcorn Balls

Mincemeat Pie

Hard Candy in a Dish

Popcorn and Cranberries

Christmas Cards in the Mailbox

Family Gathering for Dinner

Snow and Ice Skating on the River

Family playing Card games after dinner


Some of my memories of Christmas as a child growing up in the 1950’s

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Is short

Waste not.

Time is precious

Record memories.

Capture each moment

But dont dwell there, move on.

Fixate your mind on the future.

Wake every morning and proclaim: 

“The Past has no Present in my Future”


Thanks to my daughter, Laura, for the last line which inspired me to write this poem. 

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Each day

Keep focused

Just look for good

Remain positive

Don’t fixate on dullness

The world is full of color

Just waiting to be discovered

Live in expectation of goodness

Beauty might be just around the corner


Beauty might be just around the corner

Live in expectation of goodness

Just waiting to be discovered

The world is full of color

Don’t fixate on dullness

Remain positive

Just look for good

Keep focused

Each day



( Etheree–Reverse Etheree )

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Today’s Gift

Clematis, life

Each day

Gives us 

Twenty four hours

That we may freely use.

Each day we get to choose

How we will spend our minutes.

Do we take time to think 

Upon this or just let life pass?

How will you use today’s gift of life?