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Man with Guitar
Image from @poetryportrait


And poor

Dreams fading

Into the night

He clings to the hope

That his fingers will find

A new sound upon the strings

That will refresh his weary soul

To arise from the blue funk of woe 

And dance to the music of his heart


( Portrait Prompt from @poetryportrait on Twitter )

#poetryportrait @poetryportrait

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Goat skin

Nylon strings

Master crafted

Instrument created

Unique from all the rest

In the hands of its creator

It has a soft voice all its own

That warms the heart and soothes the soul

A handcrafted Banjo named “Mary”


Buy a Musical Instrument Day 

This poem is dedicated to a hand-crafted Banjo named “Mary” that was created by “Doc” Huff.

On thisBuy a Musical Instrument DayI would like to pay tribute to a very talented man and his family who hand crafts Banjos. “Doc” Huff of Doc’s Banjos in Dallas, OR creates unique Banjos from scratch using wood from the trees on his property. Doc builds these beautiful musical instruments by hand in his small log cabin workshop ( which he also built). Doc designs and cuts the wood, dyes the skins and adds special strings to create a one of a kind Banjo that is not only beautiful to look at but also beautiful to listen to. Doc’s wife Florisell and his three children also help with the crafting business and his daughter evens chooses a name for each Banjo created. 

If you are looking to purchase a Banjo or are just interested in Banjo making I invite you to visit Doc’s Banjos online or in person. It will be an experience you will surely enjoy. 

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Yesterday’s Path

Yesterday's Path
I chose to walk with Yesterday

Leaving my present glade of time

I gazed at memories

I stood upon regrets

Mired in the past

That I couldn’t change







That I couldn’t change

Mired in the past

I stood upon regrets

I gazed at memories

Leaving my present glade of time

I chose to walk with Yesterday

Etheree–Reverse Etheree




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Ribbons of Life

Ribbons of Life watercolor painting , original painting by Leona J. Atkinson


Teardrops flow

Pain overwhelms

Trials seem to grow

Hope slowly declines 

The future looks so dim

Yet thru all these ribbons glows

The strong and sure symbol of Him

He nevers leaves us nor forsakes us


Yesterday I decided to do a watercolor tapestry of my life.

I planned to use different colors and drawings to represent my various life events. Well, not being an artist, the whole painting ended up looking like a timeline of colors with some childish doodle drawings. The one thing that stood out was a brown cross that I drew, however, the rest of it I knew I would need to redo.

The whole painting had a good message as I explained it, it just needed a better appearance.   

So, this morning I had the thought to just wash the whole painting clean with water and start over, kind of like a new life, new beginning. So I did. I loaded my shammy with water and washed and rubbed. In the end most of the paint disappeared, some just faded and all the drawings washed away EXCEPT THE CROSS!  Honest! 

The Cross didn’t fade nor change at all! It did not erase thru all I did! All the other drawings were drawn with the same watercolor pencils as the Cross, and they all erased, but it did not! AMAZING! 

It seemed God was speaking to me in this, telling me that nothing can ever erase the message of the Cross. That what Christ accomplished thru His death on the Cross will always remain and that if we believe and receive Him as our Savior and Lord He will never leave us nor forsake us. 

This seemed so profound to me that I decided to name the new painting “Ribbons of Life” to represent that no matter what happens to us in our life, if we have believed and received Jesus as our Savior and Lord, He will always be there with us thru it all! 

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This Day



Day of October.

A special day?

What will you call it?

October thirty first?

Perhaps Reformation Day?

Or Halloween Trick and Treat Day?

Where will your focus be today?

“This is the day the Lord has made” Rejoice!

“Again I say Rejoice!” Give thanks!

The Lord gives another day of life!

Focus on making it special.

Look for new opportunites.

Enjoy every moment.

Think positive thoughts.

Live, Love, Laugh.

Help someone.

Share your

Smile. 😊

Etheree and Reverse Etheree

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Forwards or Backwards?




One is welcomed!

One is unwelcome.

Which one would you like?

Easy question to answer right?

Advice! Next time you’re “stressed”

Turn it around and make “desserts”!

Remember, your life is what you make it.


Did you know that stressed spelled backwards spells desserts? ! ( Just a little trivia for your day 🙂