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Taking Time To Smell The Flowers

Queens in a Carriage, Queens for a Day

So much work just waitin to be done

But sometimes a girl is

Just gotta go have fun

Tiptoe thru tulips

And sit in the sun

Do something

Never done




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September school days

Children hopping and skipping 

Leapfrog at recess 


#HaikuHorizonsWeeklyChallenge Week#135 Prompt: Frog

(When I wrote this poem I was thinking of my childhood days long ago when we children used to play Leapfrog, not the electronic game they have now, it was a fun physical activity, we played outdoors at recess. (Leapfrog is a game in which players take turns in leaping over other players that are bent over from the waist. – 

I wasn’t quite sure if children still played Leapfrog now so I looked it up on the Internet and found some videos on You Tube that I thought were worth sharing. Looks like Leapfrogging is still alive and well! 😊)

Young Children Playing Leapfrog Video 

High School Students Set World Record for Leapfrogging Video

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Stone Skipping

Stone Skipping--Cinquain poem
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2016

Apparently, Stone Skipping is quite a popular pasttime as there are tournaments and events for it, even a blog post titled:
” 13 Tips to Becoming a Better Stone Skipper”
Who knew?!!  Not me!
I used to enjoy it as a child when I lived close to a river, but had since forgotten about it until now.

However,  it looks like a great leisure time activity for anyone interested, especially if you live close to a river or lake!

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Felicity Or Adversity?

Tanka poem about Felicity. Or Adversity?This one is really not as creepy as it looks! 🙂  The picture was taken one day when my two grand-daughters were just fooling around having fun making goofy faces.  After I looked at the picture I was inspired to write the poem and then, I figured I would add a filter to the picture to make it look a bit more creepy.  Guess this happens to fit right in for a post on Halloween. 😦