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In the Future

They will look at my home

And laugh at its Vintage style

Yet no matter where I roam

I will think of my place and smile

Its not a mansion with a dome

Nor a castle on an isle

But I look at my home

And love it’s Vintage style


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In Honor of the Pen

To celebrate this
National Ball Point Pen Day
I buy a new pen
I write a new style of poem
My choice handwritten Tanka

Leona J. Atkinson 06-10-13
(My first try at writing a Tanka, which is 5-7-5-7-7 syllables with the third line as a pivot)

To day is National Ball Point Pen Day
Brothers, Laszlo and Gyorgy Biro,  are credited with the invention of the ballpoint pen and obtained a patent in June of 1943.