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Sketches of faces
Face sketches by Leona J. Atkinson 2020

Faces are all around me

Young, old, dark, light,

As far as I can see

Faces are all around me

Some sad, some friendly

Some mad, some drawn tight

Faces are all around me

Young, old, dark, light,


There are so many faces we see daily. Sometimes I don’t take the time to look at every face but other times I make a point to focus on each face I see. I guess that’s called “People Watching” and it can be very interesting.

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Acrostic and Ruba'i poetry titled JULY--USA Flag and Pledge of Allegiance
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2014

July to me here in the USA is the patriotic month.
As we once again celebrate Independence Day I am reminded of the words of our Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag

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Young or Old?

I’m too young to be old,
So I’m often told.
And yes, I’d quite agree
Since age means little to me.
I think and act very youthful,
But I must be truthful,
So I’ll dispel myth with my tongue.
“I’m too old to be young”

Leona J. Atkinson  12-11-13
(Thanks to my daughter for prompting this silly rhyme)