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At Close Of Day

Streaked Autumn Sunset
Original Photograph by Vivian Marcin

Frosty Autumn morn

Melts into an evening sky

Streaked by the sun


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Leaf Legacy

Leaf stains on concrete
Fallen leaves create

Pattern on the sidewalK

Dying leaf leaves dye 


Today while I was out walking, I happened to notice some leaf imprints on a large area of the concrete sidewalk here where I live. I had never seen this before so of course I took a picture and then researched it online to see the cause. I found that when leaves fall onto concrete and lay there decaying they excrete a dye called tannin that stains the concrete and so leaves their image when they are removed. The dye stains can be removed by detergent and scrubbing. I found this to be quite interesting! 

Leaf Prints-The Urban Naturalist

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Autumn’s Golden Leaf

Golden Leaf
The brisk wind opened 

Nature’s treasure chest 

Found a golden leaf

Placed it right in my path

To glitter in the sunshine


I was stopped in my tracks today by the sight of this leaf! It lay in the parking lot right by my car. It looked like it was painted with Gold Leaf Paint but it wasn’t. It was just a light brown leaf but the way the sun was shining on it it looked very golden Such an unusual sight. A pleasant surprise in my day. 😊