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Last Leaf

Last leaf of Fall holding on to a rain gutter in the winter

When all else fails

Remaining immovable

Holding on to life


Posted in December 2019, Triolet

One Step at a Time

Steps, feet climbing steps

Stepping out of my comfort zone

It’s difficult, thats true

Life is taking on different tone

Stepping out of my comfort zone

I’m out sharing, not sitting alone

Lots to see, lots to do

Stepping out of my comfort zone

It’s difficult, thats true


Posted in November 2019, Rhyme

Inspiration Is:

reach for the sky, sky, boy on ladder reaching

Inspiration is an impulse to try something new.
A revelation that your life’s work isn’t through.
A thought that stimulates an action,
Spurring you by stimulating traction.

Arousing a notion, increasing your might,
Inspiration awakens you in the night
To new possibilities.
It’s the brainchild of capabilities.

A spark that lights a flame,
It changes the same, reorders the game,
Illuminates the path to find your muse,
Unleashing creativity without excuse.

It may come as a flash, creating a rumble,
Causing the mundane to fall and crumble,
Awakening a vision, encouraging a dream,
Inflating your diminished self esteem.

Often it’s a whim, a hunch, an insight,
An idea that seems to just sound right.
A brainstorm that threatens your complicity,
Calling you revive an old ability.

It motivates you to flights of fancy,
Soaring to heights that may be chancy,
Yet elevating you to live in rife,
And experience an enthusiasm for life!