Posted in Choka, October 2018

Lives Of Leaves

Fallen leaves

Once prominent

A vibrant crown of glory

Rustling and bustling

Sheltering new life on high

And offering shade

Now a colorful blanket

Looked down upon

Trampled without thought, deemed useless

Until wind carries them away


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Looking at Life

When I was wee,

A small Baby,

I saw things you couldn’t see.

Life was a fantasy, a mystery 

Everything was new to me!
And as Child,

It continued to be.

I walked thru Life aimlessly,

Filled with glee,

Happy just to be!

Life looked so carefree!
Then in Puberty,

I began to disagree,

And searched to find life’s key,

For Life indeed was a mystery,

Filled with rules and conspiracy,

All aimed at me,

To destroy my complacency.
As a Young Adult of twenty three,

I saw Life as very weighty,

Filled with great responsibility.

I needed wisdom to find victory,

From life’s woes and useless worry.

So to others I issued a plea,

I asked them to join with me,

To learn and overcome life’s complexity,

So we could fulfill our dreams easily,

And make good life a reality.
And as an Adult I worked tirelessly,

Into Middle Age to capture those dreams for me,

I saw life as a potpourri,

Filled with things not reachable to me,

And from work I longed to be set free,

From this life of inequality.

I finally saw Life in reality.
And as a Senior now I do see,

Life as a river slowly passing me,

And in it I see

The things of real quality,

They are the friends and family,

Who linger and stand by me,

To offer love and the ability,

To enjoy life now in tranquility.
Looking back I must agree,

My Life looked best,

as a wee Baby.