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“Inspire” ATC on a black easel created by ©️LeonasDesigns

In everything you do

Notice the little things

Smile at the world around you

Purposely speak positive

Inquire how others are

Recycle and share good deeds

Envelope yourself in life

Acrostic, Syllabic Verse

Posted in December 2018, Haibun

The Candy Dish

Candy Dish

Bringing a smile and

A little bit of sweetness

Into a stressed day

At home and in many places where I have worked I always have had a Candy Dish.

Filled with Peppermints or other small wrapped candies it offered a nice treat to those stopping by. A refreshing peppermint or piece of chocolate in mid-afternoon always seemed to be a good pick me up at work and at home of course it was the first place the grand-kids headed for when they visited.

Sometimes its just the little things that can make our days better.


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Enjoy the little things

Before they slip away

Life a new day brings

Enjoy the little things

A bird that sings

A sunny day

Enjoy the little things

Before they slip away


Posted in Choka, November 2017

Richly Blessed

Stop, look around you.

Blessings come in many sizes,

How many do you see?

And how many are unseen?

Big and small blessings,

That live within your heart?

Treasure them all.

For if you have even one,

You are rich my friend!


Posted in October 2017, Triolet

One Small Rose

One Rose
I am not a grand bouquet

I am just a single flower

What can I hope to say

I am not a grand bouquet

But in some small way 

I am important to her

I am not a grand bouquet

I am just a single flower


“Sometimes Little Things Mean A Lot