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Standing Strong

Origami Womens shoes


Of all women

In the recent past times

Whose feet tread upon injustice

An stood

Some silent, but unwavering

Strong upon their beliefs

Of equal rights

For all

Butterfly Cinquain


In tribute to those women of the #sufferage movement. 1840-1920

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Solid Rock

a rock

What stories you hold?

What have you

Seen and heard,

Sitting there observing life?

A silent listener?


(This big rock caught my eye today. It was sitting in a grassy area of the parking lot of a busy mall. As I started to pass it by I had the thoughts which inspired me to write the poem and take the photo. 😊

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Mt. St. Helens--Haiku
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015

I took this photo of Mt. St Helens in 2009.  At that time most of the area had restored itself after the catastrophic eruption in 1980.
To this day the volcano sits quietly, but many sources say it will erupt again soon.
Read more about Mt. St. Helens  here and  here

Haiku Horizons Weekly Challenge: Week #87 Prompt: Silent